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Finding Sub-Dividable Land in Placer County

Trying to find land that can be split? Wondering what all those crazy zoning codes mean? Let me fill you in on what a sub-dividable piece of land that can be split into different parcels might look like in Placer County California.

I have a new Listing on 8010 Barton Road in the heart of Granite Bay. It include 8014 Barton Road too. The 3.12 acre property is a long and rectangular, and the entire land is almost completely level and useable.

The property also boasts two homes on it! One home is completely remodeled with all the latest trends in home fashion and decorating. Joanna Gaines would be proud! It is 1842 square feet, 4 bedrooms and 2 bath rooms.

The second home is original and has a tenant in it paying $3000. The home is almost 2900 square feet, 5 bedroom (or 4 bedrooms with a studio apartment) and three full bathrooms.

Ok, stay with me. My business-minded readers will probably already see the value of this property as an income producing property just because it has a home they can live in AND a home they could rent out. Possibly two rentals if you break up the apartment and house number two. BUT an even more savvy developer sees that the value goes beyond the 2-3 living spaces on the property because the secret code of the zoning description holds a potential gold mine.

The property on 8010 Barton Road is zoned “RS-AG-B-40”. According to Placer County Land use and Planning, that little 4-0 number at the end of the zoning means that this lot is zoned for 40,000 square foot minimum lot sizes. Te General Plan/Community Designation is “Granite Bay Community Plan, Rural Low Density Residential (RLDR) 0.09-2.3 ac min”. As a refresher, an acre is 43,560 square feet. 8010 Barton Road and 8014 Barton Road sit on a chunk of land that is 3.12 acres, or 135,907.2 square feet. If you’re doing that math, that means this property is zoned to be split into 3 SEPARATE PARCELS, all with different APNs and address!

So, let’s say you purchase this property for the $1,560,000 and rent out the extra property, while you split the land. Then you sell off the three parcels, or keep one lot and then build your dream home! Then you could use the money you made to pay off the mortgage.

Just to give you an idea of the financial boon available in this venture, look at todays circumstances. There is a 1.06 acre lot for sale just kitty corner from 8010 Barton Road t that is currently on the market for $895,000! That property is on a busy corner of Barton, while 8010 is down a quiet and exclusive lane. See the possibilities yet???

Granite Bay has three zoning that can help you find similar properties to 8010-8014 Barton Road if it is no longer available. Those zonings are:


Granite Bay Community Plan, Rural Residential (RR) 2.3-4.6 ACRES PER DWELLING UNIT. (MIN 100,000 sq. ft.)


Granite Bay Community Plan, Rural Low Density Residential (RLDR) 0.09-2.3 ac min


Granite Bay Community Plan, Rural Low Density Residential (RLDR) 0.09-2.3 ac min

Find out More information about 8010 Barton Road or 8014 Barton Road in Granite Bay here:


I can help you find potentially sub dividable land in Placer County. I am just a call away! I always have time to help with your real estate needs!

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